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We the undersigned, as followers of Jesus, wish to register our support for the Occupy movement which seeks a fairer distribution of wealth, and a more participatory political system.

We note in particular the following Biblical themes, which are consistent with the aims and means of the Occupy movement:

  • The prophets’ concern with those who are rich at the expense of the poor and the Earth.
  • That all are loved by and made in the image of God and therefore all have something to contribute to the common good.
  • That we follow a God who became human and “pitched his tent among us” (John 1:14)
  • Jesus’ concern for the poor and the oppressed
  • Jesus’ condemnation of those who used their privilege to oppress others.
  • The focus of the early church on sharing their possessions equitably.

We affirm the commitment to nonviolence made by the Occupy movement and encourage other Christians to be actively involved in the movement.

Christianity is often associated with wealth and power.  However the vast majority of Christians are part of the 99%.   We believe our tradition should not be used to support inequality.

Jesus called to Zaccheus to share his riches and stop profiteering from his place of power.  In the same spirit, we call on those with power and wealth to also ‘come down’ from your tree, and share with the 99%.

We encourage people from a wide variety of theological and denominational traditions to share their thoughts on the  section of this website.

If you identify as a Christian who supports the Occupy movement, please submit your name and city in the comments section below.

82 thoughts on “Sign your support here

  1. It seems that the power brokers – gatekeepers of the world have learned little from the global disaster. Rogue capitalism is not remotely what the “Father of Capitalism” Adam Smith (a moral philosopher not an economist) envisaged. He gave decidedly Christian ethical frameworks for “The Wealth of Nations.” What we have now is global reverse communism…the redistribution of wealth be the State in league with the Stock Exchange from the masses to the elete. Certainly a far cry from the teaching of Jesus – or even Adam Smith.

  2. (h)allah lueia (prasie be to god) allah akbar (god is great) ba’ hallah (the way(gate) to god)…

    Wonder if anyone in Wall Street and the other tables of the money changers undertand proto aramiac?…

  3. Jeremy Barry Randall, Newcastle, Australia – i’ve walked among christians in Uganda and Lepers in India and we are not part of the 99%. Those who can sign this petition on internet connections on their phones who eat 3 meals a day are part of the 1% or at least the 5%. We have wealth streaming out of our pores and if we lie to ourselves that we are somehow getting screwed over we need to use some of our wealth to fly our rich, mostly white asses over to Africa and south east asia and be a voice for the voiceless Ugandan farmers who can’t make any money because of the purchases you make that are made from corn and soy and tiny black and yellow hands. I believe christ would defs occupy. But he would occupy HIS KINGDOM. He would have nothing to do with politics until he had taken care of the sick.

    high horse i know. and i’m not perfect, as i write this on a macbook pro wearing thongs probably made by the tiny hands i speak of. But i am apart of the 1%. and as a part of the 1% i can influence a lot of decision with my voice. and that is why i put my name here. Because i believe in action drenched in prayer. OCCUPYTHEKINGDOM not the empire.

    • Kris Adams, Westbury Tasmania. If the Occupy movement focuses only on first world problems and doesn’t tie global second and third world issues into what they are fighting for then we should be very dissapointed. Surely Western Corporate Greed has a lot to answer for in oppressing third world nations and so there is potential for global change for the better to come from this movement. If the structure isn’t serving the people, get yourself one that does.

    • Well said Jeremy. I am 100% in accord with your comments. It can be difficult to not pick up the idea that because many Australians are better off than ones self and yet they are fighting for more, we must be poor and badly dealt with ourselves. As you said however, we are the 1% and need to take hold of and act upon that truth!

  4. Doug ( ex christian atheist ) Victoria

    I still read the bible and still think social justice is a major part of the Christian message.

    Happy to stand with Christians or anyone on this issue.

  5. I support Occupy.

    As Slavoj suggests there is more of the Holy Spirit in the Occupy Movement than there is in many of our Diocesan offices.

  6. Claire Egan, Melbourne
    The status quo is not ok. It needs to shift. I’m part of the 99% and the 5%. I believe that Christians need to get intimately involved with the Occupy movement so we can help shape it.

  7. I believe the Occupy movement is a sign of Hope for people of all faiths or none.The earth is being raped for profit while most of our elected representatives are seeking to gain short term advantage
    with populist policies.
    The treatment of refugees and asylum seekers by the Australian government and Opposition is an example amongst many of how the planet’s most vulnerable people can be vilified for political purposes by those with neither scruples or compassion.

  8. What you young people are doing towards addressing the injustices that make up the international monetary system is to be commended. I pray you make some dents in this horrible system.

  9. Aware of being implicated in the inequality, I still believe there is no other direction for those who follow Jesus than to act non-violently for full-humanity, justice and participation.

  10. Dave Cooper, Longford, Tasmania.
    There will be no justice while greed is the driving force of our economic systems.

  11. America is the richest country on the planet and I live in America! Third world countries are starving and we at our worst, have not experienced such suffering. The Body of Christ should occupy for global justice and not only what effects them directly but others who do not have a voice. After reading these comments I feel more compelled to share what little I have with starving, hurting people in other parts of the world.

  12. Anton Styles from Occupy Dunedin. Jesus came to OCCUPY THE EARTH for every day of His life, then give His life and return to the Father. We must follow Him!

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